Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Learn About Colours

Colour is everywhere! Look around you. How many colours can you see? Do you know the names of colours in English? Do you know how to spell the colours properly? Here is a colour chart to help you with some of the most common colours. The first 7 colours on the wheel are the colours of the rainbow.

* These colours may be slightly different on some computers.
In British English we write colour. In American English we write color.
Listen to the pronunciation...

1 red
2 orange
3 yellow
4 green
5 blue
6 indigo
7 violet
8 purple
9 pink
10 silver
11 gold
12 beige
13 brown
14 grey
15 black
16 white

How to use colour in a sentence

There are three different ways to describe the colour of something:
  1. My dad's car is red.
  2. The red car is my dad's.
  3. Red is the colour of my dad's car.

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